The metaverse full ecological NFT3.0 platform represented by FootEarn will become the latest new investment windfall


In a report released to investors last Thursday, Wall Street major Morgan Stanley predicted that the metaverse market will reach $8 trillion by 2024 and could become the next generation of social media, streaming and gaming platforms, according to Forbes.

Brian Nowak, Morgan Stanley's equity analyst covering the Internet sector, said in a report that metaverse is mainly conceptual at the moment, but the ideas are limitless. Different types of virtual worlds will have the potential to revolutionise the way people interact with each other.

Fast-growing gaming market with obvious social attributes

Gaming has been a key sector of the entertainment industry for many years, and the growth of the gaming market accelerated during the New Crown epidemic. According to Morgan Stanley Research, gaming participation in the US stood at 50 million in 2020, up 31% year-on-year, compared to a 7% increase in users in the previous two years.

For investors, here are three key trends to watch: firstly, the number of gamers and the amount of time spent on games is increasing; secondly, players can play, play against and share with players from all over the world, creating a global consumer market; and thirdly, the popularity of microtransactions and other forms of pay-to-play games is providing investors with more ways to benefit from them.

Gaming enthusiasts often carry anti-social stereotypes, but gaming has increasingly become a way to build and maintain social relationships.

The meta-universe NFT3.0 product represented by FootEarn will be the newest meta-universe investment windfall

The FootEarn meta-universe platform is able to build an open meta-universe football eco-platform by utilising cryptocurrency and blockchain smart contract functionality to allow developers to design blockchain games, as well as allowing players to own and transfer NFTs of loot earned in-game, and securely buy, sell and trade through the official DAPP platform and player transfer marketplace.

In addition to the advantages of the model that FootEarn's own platform has, the team at FootEarn is also noteworthy. The FootEarn team comes from the designers of several well-known projects, including the well-known project Decentraland, GODA, who previously launched in February 2020 a decentralised virtual reality world powered by the ethereum blockchain that enabling users to create and monetise content and applications. Users can buy virtual land plots, create custom avatars, participate in governance and trade rare digital collectibles.

FootEarn (Football to Earn), is the first NFT3.0 gamefi launched online by the famous UK chain game company. FootEarn, with its own excellent technical strength and development experience, adopts the latest technical framework system, both for the chain end and virtual reality, both for trading, game entertainment, and the economic model of the whole game are is AAAA-grade. And FootEarn will also serve as the first gamefi's circulating Token.
FootEarn is based on the BSC, which is the first Gamefi for handheld games. For players, we can trade all levels of NFT and game demand items in FootEarn, which perfectly solves the feature that game players cannot trade freely based on the restrictions between wallets, and allows one-to-one targeted trading for different players' needs, saving a lot of time costs. This saves a lot of time.

FootEarn team members have worked on numerous AAAA MMORPGs, NFT designs including some of the world's best known IPs, and some of the earliest mobile MMORPGs. footEarn has become an important part of the European and American layout in web 3.0.

Everything in the FootEarn ecology is based on FootEarn's FMP tournament point tokens as ecological circulation. In FootEarn, each player NFT is developed using the ERC-721 protocol, which guarantees the data independence of the cards and fairness, openness and transparency, making the ecological circulation of the FootEarn platform more convenient, and bridging various pain points such as the difficulty of trading on traditional Gamefi platforms, the lack of quality gaming platforms and the lack of traffic players!

FootEarn meta-universe football will aggregate large 3D class NFT games, matchmaking games, tournament experience and other various quality gaming experiences. The producers of each game have used the latest large-scale UE5 engine development, which is of the highest quality in terms of texture and design of each economic model, and also brings new various experiences to many players, allowing player-users to truly experience an immersive meta-universe football game.

NFT3.0 model freshman representative

(The most noteworthy aspect of our entire NFT 3.0 architecture is the representation of the FootEarn economic system)

In the FootEarn NFT3.0 player competition deck

NFT card types: 11 players, 1 coach, 12 cards/set in total

Total number of NFT copies issued: 360,000

Total number of NFT private placements subscribed: 18,000

NFT Private Placement Price: Starting at 100U per sheet, players get 1000 FTE tokens airdrop (Note: 1000FTE=100U)

NFT card pledge: 1 NFT + 20U energy value pledge, pledge period 30 days/60 days, currently up to 12 different cards pledged on a single account.

NFT card destruction: the platform recovers NFT player cards for life, recovery means destruction and the value is doubled for every 10,000 cards destroyed.

NFT points exchange: all platform earnings are tournament points FMP, 1:1 automatically exchanged for USDT, platform lifetime recovery.

Football competitive card event passes in planning

FootEarn uses a symbiosis of three pass cycles to create unlimited value.

① NFT Football Cards - Competitive Tournament Passes

NFT data value and membership recruitment through 360,000 NFT 3.0 cards distribution, tournaments, raising, transferring and destroying

② FMP Tournament Credits - Game Revenue Passes

FMPJIAZHI is backed by a 1:1 exchange, and in the future, it will be used as a pass through the ecology of competitive games such as racing, horse racing and basketball

③ FTE financial tokens - financial eco-passes

Airdrop FTEs to 360,000 NFT subscribers to create 100,000 coin-holding addresses before IDO, creating the world's largest DAO consensus community

The perfect economic system and the use of smart contracts underlying technology is a perfect interpretation of NFT3.0's economic closed loop, both from the platform and from the players themselves, as well as the game's entire economic drive can play a good role in benchmarking the industry!

In the future, the FootEarn metaverse will use its technological strength to realize the metaverse ecology of virtual social, virtual shopping, virtual real estate, virtual land, virtual people, virtual cities, etc.!

In the future all users will be able to use their FootEarn tokens to purchase items and accessories within the game to express their personality and connect with others in the virtual world.

To conclude: FootEarn meta-universe will be the benchmark of the new era leading the meta-universe. Among the existing platforms, FootEarn embodies its unique game model and payment model, and FootEarn has carried out strict checks for both player users and platform producers of various games, so as to achieve a perfectly integrated future meta-universe game platform, and as the only circulation TOKEN of FootEarn, it will be a promising future with unlimited value!

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